The Table 09/08/15

The Bible speaks both highly and negatively of looking back. We are to look back and remember all the things God has done. We should not forget. We should remember all the awesome things he has done and live our lives in a posture of thankfulness for him.  Yet, we should not look back when God has called us to something new. We are to turn from our lives of sin and never look back. We are to forget the old and embrace the new life in Christ. 

This week at The Table marks our 1 year anniversary. God has done some awesome things, and we wan't to look back. We want to look back and thank God for how he has moved in people's live through The Table this year. But we also want to look ahead. We believe the best is yet to come. God wants to do some awesome things through The Table this year, and we're excited to tell you some of the next chapter!